What is Docker and why should you care?

Docker is a big thing in the DevOps community. It’s one of those technology enablers which has really enabled the DevOps ways of working. So this all sounds good, but what exactly is Docker?

Top 10 pitfalls for anyone looking to adopt DevOps

With everyone seeming to now do DevOps in some form, we thought it useful to share our top ten pitfalls we see at EnfuseGroup when it comes to adopting DevOps at the enterprise level.

In a world of ‘alternative facts’, are irrational humans really ready for the world of Big Data?

Are we really ready for big data? As we watch the world rapidly change around us with decisions being based on gut rather than facts, I find myself questioning the intelligence of humanity and its readiness to make sense of big data.

Agile at Scale

Doing Agile in small pockets is relatively easy to kick off and make work - the real challenge is doing this at scale.

What is DevOps ... in under 2 minutes (video)

One of our Directors, Harry, is challenged to explain what DevOps is in under 2 minutes, can he do it.

Agile transformation requires organisational redesign

To get the full benefits of Agile you need multifunctional teams to be organised around products, requiring fundamental organisation redesign. Companies who ignore or water down this fact will always struggle to realise the full benefits of Agile.

Agile Coach is a 'Transformative Role'

I recently read a blog in which the role title of Agile coach was ridiculed because it was just ‘rebadging of the Scrum Master role’. We couldn’t disagree more. At Enfuse we have both the Scrum Master and Agile Coach roles.

Pilot first before scaling and running with Agile

The most popular and proven method of kick starting your adoption of Agile into your organisation is to start with a pilot project, see how it works for you (and where it doesn't), and to then scale out from there.

What Exactly is bimodal IT?

There’s a big push currently for IT departments to create a bi-modal capability. This dual mode of operating is in response to the digital shift we’ve seen in recent years which has repositioned the role of IT in the organisation.

Top 10 What’s Hot for IT in 2016

Predicting the future is always fun, and here’s our top 10 predictions for what will be hot in 2016 for IT…

What is DevOps

A lot has been written on this, but as we are often talking to our clients about 'DevOps transformations' it is worth saying a few words on this.