"Let's disrupt the consultancy market... Let's actually give our customers what they want and have some fun..."

A new type of consultancy was needed

We felt that the consulting model was broken. It was 2015 and the time was ripe for something better. We were seasoned pros in guiding our clients on how to design new disruptive models for their businesses so, shock horror, we decided to apply these skills to our own profession. We came up with Enfuse Group, the consultancy which would give our clients what they wanted.

Our clients wanted experts

The premise behind the model was simple. Our clients wanted people who could get them ahead, not just keep up. They wanted experts to advise and deliver for them. They didn't want generalists sourced from whoever we happen to have on our 'consulting bench'. They wanted solutions delivered by teams of experts. They wanted people who had done it before, got the T-Shirt, and knew how to do it better than the competition. They wanted the A Team.

But where to get the experts?

If you want an expert in a particular field, the best place to get them is from a niche business specialising in that field. If you wanted experts in multiple fields then you're best to go to multiple specialist businesses. You could go to a Big 4 consultancy who claim to cover those fields, but often what you actually get is a team with one or two relevant experts at best. So could we do better than this in a world evolving so fast that it is difficult to stay ahead of the curve in any one field, let alone multiple fields?

Our answer was to create a partnership ecosystem of niche, best of breed businesses. We ensured that these businesses were like minded - focused on being the best in their fields, offering great value to their customers and looking after own people. With these specialist businesses we agreed that we could source their experts for use on our projects and solutions, so that we could provide the best answers for our clients. The result is that we can offer both breadth and depth that few, if any, can match. That is Enfuse Group. That is our expert consulting model.

So that's the model?

Not quite. Ensuring we could source experts was just part of the puzzle. A great, modern consultancy needed to offer more than that. So we built our model to include: