Why smart CIOs are very interested in Blockchain right now

Some people claim Blockchain is all hype. Some people claim that Blockchain will change the world. As a CIO you don’t have the luxury of waiting around to find out who is right. You have to do something now.Experiment, review the options, do some sort of pilot so that you are ready. If you don’t, you’re not doing your job.

The role of IT and Digital is now about helping the business to get that all important edge. When it comes to getting an edge, you can’t wait around. If you wait, you may find out its hype and save your company money. Guess what, no one on the board will high five you and say well done. If you reduced costs then maybe you’ll get a pat on the back, but we’re talking about cost avoidance here and that typically gets zero thanks. You especially will get little thanks if you wait and then later discover with the other laggard companies that it’s a game changer. At that point early mover advantage is lost, you’re scrambling to do the same projects as your competitors and no one is thanking you.

So that’s why as CIO you should be doing something about Blockchain. It may be hype, but it may not. With so much smart money and brains behind it you’ve got to explore because the upside is far more significant than the downside. If you wait you’re also not thinking like a strategic member of the board and that’s not fun or smart.

Enfuse Group are pleased to announce that we are now offering a Blockchain Explored workshop as part of our ThinkShift services. Please get in touch to find out more.

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