Major High Tech Brand (Innovator and Manufacturer)

ERP Readiness

Assessed ERP suitability and options for highly innovation leading tech company

The Challenge

The client had identified a need to implement a new ERP platform to support its business growth. The platform was needed to optimise its end to end production processes, from its innovation labs through to mass manufacturing and distribution. However, the client was unsure of whether any ERP platform could work with its innovative practices and fulfil the needs of its unique op model.

How we supported the client

We ran a programme where we identified, by process domain, specific requirements that were deemed to be difficult for any platform to fulfil. This was done over a 6 week period.

In parallel we reviewed the market to understand what ERP solutions might best fit their needs, establishing a short list.

We then engaged the shortlist to respond to the difficult requirements list, having a beauty parade where the vendors could explain the merits and limits of their solution. We then reviewed the outcomes with the CEO and established a feasible plan for implementing the solution within 9 months.

The Outcome

ERP was deemed as a feasible answer to their needs, with the CEO and his leadership team all bought into bringing the platform.

We were also able to reduce the ERP options to two vendors that the client was then able to select from in a final competitive tender.

Our implementation plan was used to get funding for the project and to initiate proceedings with a Systems Implementor.

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