Major UK Retailer

High Performance training for Agile teams

Trained the Agile Coaching community in how to build High Performance Agile teams

The Challenge

The retailer had implemented a new Agile product-based op model for developing digital products and services.

The Agile coaching community were high skilled in coaching teams on how to do Agile, but identified a need to further their skills and understanding in helping teams to perform outside of just doing Agile well.

How we supported the client

We tailored our 2 day course on High Performance for Agile Product Teams to the particular needs of the Agile community. This was facilitated by an expert Agile coach with relevant behavioural science and business change experience.

The focus was on not teaching the Agile principles the community were already experts in, but on helping them to utilise behaviour science understanding, tools and techniques to better influence and nurture high performance in an Agile setting.

Sports psychology, and the latest thinking and models from the likes of Google and Spotify were utilised. We wanted to give the community a course that they would remember, and be able to apply the learnings from, as soon as the course was completed.

The Outcome

The Agile Coaches provided high positive feedback, and utilised much of the training in their roles over the coming months.

We were subsequently invited back for various Agile Coach get togethers as the community sought to further enrich their coaching capability.

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