World Leading Medical Research Institute

User Security and Access Management

Establishing the IT security policies and processes for highly sensitive environment

The Challenge

The client is a world leading biomedical research institution which brought together the best of a number of previous institutions into a single state of the art research facility in 2016.

In readiness for the 2016 launch, the client needed suitable policies, processes and tooling in place to ensure only appropriate access of sensitive data was allowed.

How we supported the client

Referencing the latest security best practice guidelines, we worked with the senior IT management team and representatives from the user community to define suitable standards and policies.

We then sought to roll these out through the purchase and implementation of access management tools and through redefining the new joiner, leaver and mover process, ensuring appropriate access rights would always be applied and reviewed.

The Outcome

New IT security policies in place for user accounts and access management. New joiner, leaver and mover processes in place and aligned with HR and security teams.

New IT Account Management and Monitoring solution in place.

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