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"Let's disrupt the consultancy market... Let's actually give our customers what they want and have some fun..." Harry Vazanias, Enfuse Group Co-Founder, a London Bar in 2015



A new type of consultancy was needed

We felt that the consulting model was broken. It was 2015 and the time was ripe for something better. We were seasoned pros in guiding our clients on how to design new disruptive models for their businesses so, shock horror, we decided to apply these skills to our own profession. We came up with Enfuse Group, the consultancy that would give our clients what they wanted and would help them to become top performers through Digital and IT.


Our clients wanted experts, so that is what we provide

A core premise behind our thinking was simple. Our clients wanted people who could get them ahead, not just keep up. They wanted experts. They didn't want generalists sourced from whoever was available on the 'consulting bench'. They wanted people who had done it before, got the T-Shirt, and knew how to do it better than the competition.


Our clients wanted the A-Team, yet there was the problem. We knew we couldn’t be the experts for everything digital – the world was too large and changing too fast. So we decided to partner with like-minded A-Team players for different niche areas. We have nurtured and maintained a network of niche, best of breed service providers and independents who we can call upon if and when our clients need their unique expertise. We don’t provide whoever is on the bench – we provide the experts our clients need. This does impact immediate margins, but in the long term our clients love it and that pays for itself.


Behavioural Science is our special sauce

It is no surprise that 90% of digital transformations fail. Most transformation programmes focus on the strategy, process and organisation structure design elements, whilst paying too little attention to the number one reason these programmes fail, people.

We decided to take a different approach, ensuring that people, and particularly culture, were central to how we help our clients transform. We incorporated behavioural science experts into our consulting team so that we could better engage, influence and embed lasting change that delivers. We defined a people-led transformation approach (see our OPTIMUS framework) that put people at the heart of the transformation. We looked at the science behind people, at why they resist and reject change, and at what helps them to perform well (particularly in increasingly Agile environments). We sought to provide our clients with something different - scientific insights, tools and techniques for our clients to better land their transformations and, more importantly, get the most from their people.



And then there’s our values

Our core set of values drive our behaviours and our ability to succeed. These aren’t consulting BS. They are who we are. We are pleased to share them.

  • Experts not cowboys

  • People at the heart of our thinking

  • High value, customer relevant services and products

  • Make a difference to our clients

  • Treat everyone as we would want to be treated

  • Don’t forget to have fun

  • Be commercially astute, but never greedy


Drop us note, you never know where it will take us!