Scaled Agile

Agile & Product

Running Scrum Remotely

It is well known that Agile and Scrum emphasize personal interaction and in person teamwork in a very organic and dynamic way. Most organisations will have in-flight projects that have been succeeding in their delivery since inception – based around these core Agile principles. You know these approaches will foster relationships and enable the work processes to naturally appear. You’re ready to facilitate your event calendar, to make sure everybody understands artefacts, events and roles, and to foster an Agile mindset. Suddenly the country shuts down, everyone is sent home and no date is set for when you will next see each other in person.
Strategy & Transformation

Agile @ Scale

Doing Agile in small pockets is relatively easy to kick off and make work - the real challenge is doing this at scale. Just like waterfall project delivery, there are significant challenges in ensuring alignment and the right focus when you have multiple initiatives running simultaneously with cross dependencies, impacting the same users and systems, all calling out for funding.