Optimus is a transformation framework designed using the principles of behavioural science to help you to better land your transformation and to achieve high performance.

It was created by a multi-disciplinary team of Psychiatrists, Digital & IT experts and Op-Model consultants at Enfuse Group.

Optimus uses behavioural science insights to address the most common barriers to modern day transformations. Scroll down to learn more or get in touch with us at Enfuse Group.

An estimated 90% of digital transformations fail


The most cited reasons for failure are people related. We know that human beings are wired to reject change. Today’s transformations are pushing for not just a radical change from business models of the past with the introduction of the likes of Agile and Holarctic structures, but they are pushing for op models that continuously change. Organisations are naturally rejecting these changes, just as any organism would seek to reject an alien object entering its bloodstream.


The science of Optimus.


Optimus utilizes human science to influence not only positive acceptance of a transformation but also the design of the transformation itself so that a high performing outcome can be achieved. Implementing new models based on theory is not enough to stay ahead, you need to unlock the potential of the people at the heart of the model – that is to say, your employees and partners.  


Behavioural science provides us with the data to better understand how people work, both individually and in teams. We can better understand how best to instigate sustainable change and how to coach for performance. For example, for a change to be sustainable research tells us that a minimum of 25% of the organization needs to be championing the new state. Knowing this information allows us to better tailor our change activities.


We also know from 5 years of research at Google that trust is a key characteristic of a high performing team, and typically sees a 50% higher output by the team than in situations where trust is low. Again, we can utilize this insight to engineer better ways of working and teams.


  • Places people & culture at the heart of the change and addresses change resistance from the outset

  • Takes a Human-Centric design approach to identify your customer and workforce needs and addresses these through the transformation

  • Focuses on building and embedding self-sustainable capability within your organisation

  • Keeps benefits at the forefront of the transformation in order to realise your investment

  • Provides targeted services to accelerate embedding for early benefits realisation


Define and get support for a strategy which will make a difference, not just tick a box


Define your new model, including target mindset, ways of working and organisation structure


Implement and realise the benefits of your new model, smoothly transitioning whilst minimising resistance to change


Successfully manage and direct delivery of the transformation


Drop us note, you never know where it will take us!

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