Enfuse Group are on the new Digital Outcomes & Specialists 3 framework

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Graeme Curwen
October 1, 2018

nfuse Group have successfully been included again in the Digital Outcomes Specialists procurement framework - this time in version 3. This is a digital marketplace for the public sector, making it easier to find and buy specialist digital related solutions and expertise. Being able to easily buy these services is important for the public sector where digital is the new standard.

Harry Vazanias, Head of Consulting at Enfuse Group, had this to say:

"Outcomes & Specialists framework is the place to be if you want to provide digital services to the public sector. Our continued inclusion is reflective of the quality of services we provide in a sector which is surprising many with how it is leading the way when it comes to Digital Transformation. Well done to the team for getting the submission in and continuing to provide relevant services and products for our customers in the public sector."

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