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Great night talking about how Technology can be transformational

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Last night we ran our bi-monthly discussion night, with the topic being "can technology transform any business". Thank you to everyone who attended and for feeding back. We're glad so many people enjoyed it and stuck around afterwards to enjoy some drinks and continue the discussion.

On the topic the 5 type of technology transformation certainly resonated. The five types were:

1. Diversification

2. Business Model

3. Operational Efficiency

4. Product and Service

5. Brand

Interestingly with the case studies we presented, a 6th type was identified during the discussion with attendees - Customer Experience i.e. how technology can transform this to a level where it is transformational for your business.

We asked if technology could transform any business (we actually said 90-95% of businesses). There was mostly agreement, with a few disagreeing. The main argument against was that many businesses don't have the leadership or aptitude to change, so no matter the genius of the technology idea, business transformation isn't realistic.

Our next discussion group is now planned for 15th November on Blockchain - Hype or Not. Look out for more information or get in touch for an invite. Same place, more drinks, and hopefully no guest visit by the mouse who turned up late in the evening!

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