Change Delivery Strategy

Financial Services Institution

About Project

Designed and implemented a two-mode change delivery model and introduced Agile, whilst notably reducing costs

Live Project
Financial Services Institution

The Challenge

The Programme Delivery function was faced with the challenge of needing to deliver faster, more and for less, whilst not lowering its record for successful delivery. Attempts had been made to do this in the past, but with little success as every year delivery spend was increasing.

What We Did

We worked with the client to outline a new delivery model which wasn’t burdened down by their established, waterfall centric delivery framework. We worked through different examples of how other companies were delivering quickly and cheaply, exploring the concepts of Agile and Lean and how these could work in a largely risk adverse organisation. Through a series of 1 day workshops we worked with client manager to create a model where the organisation had 2 delivery models – one using a refined version of the current waterfall model and the other based on Agile principles. We built out the business case, identifying operating model implications (e.g. org design changes) and agreeing a transition plan with the leadership team. This was subsequently taken to the executive board and approved as part of the strategy for the following year. After a pilot the model is now being further refined and rolled out.

The Outcome

Second ‘delivery mode’ introduced based on Agile with pilot project realising savings of 15% on current waterfall model. Acceptance of adopting Agile further for future projects with targets of 25% reduction on cost. Acceptance of new model to the point that decision made for the IT organisation structure to be based around Agile product teams.