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Major industry regulator

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Planning and design for major IT outsourcing shake-up

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Major industry regulator

The Challenge

The regulator was retendering the contracts for their outsourced IT services. As part of the retender, the regulator was insourcing certain elements and changing the nature of the services it was contracting out.The existing IT operating model needed to fundamentally change to support this, but it was unclear on how and when.

What We Did

We reviewed the contracts and mapped the key service changes to the organisation. We then used this in client workshops to identify the necessary organisation, process and technology changes, charting these across transition phases to show how the operating model needed to evolve. Working with the business change team, we helped prepare the client for the changes, identifying any specific interventions required to make this work (such as tweaks to contract arrangements and initiatives to build a more collaborative culture with suppliers). We then worked with senior management to refine the transition states and update the business case so that the final approvals to progress could be obtained.

The Outcome

Through the greater clarity on the transition states and changes needed in the IT department, the client was able to fully understand the underlying costs and business case. This allowed them to get the appropriate approvals to progress with the retendering of services. They were then able to smoothly land the new suppliers across clearly defined transition points, with all cross dependencies understood.