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We coach business leaders and their teams on how to achieve high performance.

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Exec High Performance Coaching
Team High Performance Coaching
Agile & Product Leadership Coaching
Bespoke Individual Coaching

What We Do

We offer bespoke and programme based  coaching. Our focus is on helping those we coach to achieve step performance gains, be it in their personal or work life endeavours.

We match our coaches to the specific needs of the individuals or teams we are coaching. Through an initial discovery session we confirm that our coaching approach will work for both sides, and then will typically engage on a 3-6 month coaching arrangement.

Exec High Performance Coaching
Our Executive Coaching programme is targeted at senior and future leaders.

It provides personalised and targeted coaching that help the individual achieve specific performance goals.

These goals can be purely work related, or as is increasingly common, they could be targeting greater personal wellbeing.
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Team High Performance Coaching
Our HP Team Coaching programme provides coaching to teams wanting that all important step change in how they perform.

We bring specialist understanding and approaches on how teams can best perform. We make this available to the teams we coach, whilst remembering that ultimately the role of good coaching is to drive accountability for improvement to the team.
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Agile & Product Leadership Coaching
We provide coaching on how to make Agile work and to create great products.
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Bespoke Individual Coaching
Our bespoke individual coaching is a highly personalised service that is completely built around the particular needs of the individual.
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our Approach

Coaching Framework



Kick off session to confirm suitability of the coaching, and to agree on the approach. We have the team complete a High Performance Self Assessment survey to help high-light areas for focus, and we then agree goals.


First few coaching sessions to understand the team's performance challenges and options to improve. We agree team action plans and zero in on the priorty areas requiring the most attention.


Ongoing feedback on, and update of, improvement interventions that the team are trialling. This is an iterative cycle with the team encouraged to take ownership of their performance and to really try new things to get to that next level.


Final consolidation sessions to support the embedding of performance improvements. Progress is reviewed and the team confirms that a new norm is now in place for continued high levels of performance
Exec High Performance Coaching
Team High Performance Coaching
Agile & Product Leadership Coaching
Bespoke Individual Coaching

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