Executive High-Performance Coaching

Targeted at senior and future leaders. It provides personalised and targeted coaching that help the individual achieve specific performance goals.

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Our Approach

Our Executive Coaching programme is targeted at senior and future leaders. This can be from mid management tiers up to C-Suite level.

It provides personalised and targeted coaching that help the individual achieve specific performance goals. These can be purely work related, or as is increasingly common, they could be targeting greater personal well being.

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e take our coaching framework and personalises this for the individual concerned.  We focus on the outcome wanted by the individual, and consider what coach and coaching style are the best fit.

Key to the whole programme is the initial Discovery step. This takes the form of a kick off session during which the initial goals are defined. Typically individuals will have a strong view on what they wish to achieve, and hence this step is about providing further clarity. We review the goals by looking across the following Executive performance areas:

  • Strategic visioning
  • Leadership style
  • Personal development
  • Conflict management
  • Personal gravitas
  • Messaging
  • Motivating others
  • Prioritisation
  • Giving feedback
  • Success through others
  • Personal wellbeing

What You Get

Assigned Coach

We will match you to one of our coaches who we believe will best meet your needs

Free Discovery Session

Free initial discovery session with no commitment to proceed further if not desired

Packaged Programme

Our typical duration is 12 sessions over a 6 month period. However, this period can be shortened or extended dependent on your particular need.

Access to Though Leadership

Access to the latest Enfuse Group thinking and toolsets on high performance


Signed confidentiality agreement to ensure that the coaching sessions are kept private and secure

Outcome focus

Focus on the target outcomes, with every session documented and progress tracked

Our Process

How We Work



Kick off session to confirm suitability of the coaching, and to agree on target goals and approach.


First few coaching sessions to build the coaching relationship and review performance needs.


Ongoing feedback on, and update of, improvement interventions that the individual is trialling.


Final consolidation sessions to support the embedding of performance improvements.

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