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Coming up with great ideas is easy. The challenge is filtering through these to agree the best, understanding how to implement and then doing it. Corporate structures and ways of working get in the way of innovation, introducing endless hoops to go through for even the simplest and best ideas. At Enfuse Group, we help our clients to make innovation happen by not just focusing on the ideas, but on how to deliver these.

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Our Accelerator Works product consists of a proven approach that cuts through corporate red tape; enables you to easily capture and prioritise ideas; and to then have a simple and agile delivery model for rapid trialling and implementation. Whether it’s ideas for increasing revenues, transforming your operating model or how to have a more sustainable footprint, Accelerator Works can be rolled out in as little as two weeks to start delivering results fast.

To best understand our work and how we might be of help, have a look at some of our case studies below or contact us for a chat.

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Strategy & Transformation

Operating models designed right

For many, operating models have a bad name. Consultants come in, design a perfect model and then nothing quite goes right when it comes to implementation.
Process Excellence

People & Data – A Match Made in Heaven

Data has never been more valuable. It is used by organisations to showcase statistics and ‘real’ business insights, by taking away the subjective and biased nature of people’s opinions. Ultimately, data is now the true driver of change within organisations. Let’s be honest, there is no better way to spruce up a business case in the eyes of the Senior Leadership Team than stats, graphs and numbers!
People & Change

Throwing the old rulebook out the window and writing a People & Culture Book from scratch

Strategy & Transformation

How Effective Decision-Making is Key to Unlocking Your Transformation

In this article, Joe Taylor takes us through why effective decision making is key to a successful transformation and shares 5 top tips to help organisations and individuals by facilitating the path to an effective decision-making
Strategy & Transformation

People are at the heart of any transformation

When organisations are considering an Op Model change, the people the change will affect need to be front and centre of all thinking related to the change. It is far too common for ‘the people’ to be considered too far along in the process, or not really considered at all. This leads to Op Models that fail because they are incompatible with the people required to actually make them work. So, how can we avoid this to happen?