OPTIMUS has been designed to target the key challenges of successfully landing a transformation and is our proven framework for building next-gen Digital & IT departments.


The latest research suggests that up to 90% of digital transformations fail on average, with people and culture the most often cited reason. OPTIMUS utilises the latest behavioural insights, tool and techniques to put people at the heart of the transformation.


Embedding is a key element of the framework. Too many transformation programmes assume the bulk of the work is in agreeing on the design, but actually getting the design championed and dealing with the fall out when theory hits reality are key. OPTIMUS helps ensure that the Embedding phase is fully understood and accelerated wherever possible.​


Thinkshift is all about broadening and deepening your thinking so you can better understand the potential of technology, what different ways of working exist and how you might approach your task differently.


We offer a range of ready-to-go workshops designed to address common strategic questions for our clients. Popular example workshops include:

  • Digital Demystified

  • Blockchain Explored

  • AI Explored

  • What is Next Gen IT

  • How to achieve Cultural Change

  • Agile for execs


RADAR is a diagnostic solution for rapid assessment of Digital and Technology functions, practices and cultures. RADAR is different from most diagnostic solutions in that it provides over a dozen assessment frameworks and 100s of measures to tailor for your needs, rather than seeking to impose a single assessment model.


Example out-the-box assessments within RADAR include:

  • Enterprise IT assessment

  • Agile assessment

  • SAFe i.e. Scaled Agile assessment

  • DevOps maturity assessment

  • ITIL maturity assessment

  • Digital Capability assessment

  • Digital maturity assessment

  • Organisation Culture assessment

Enfuse Elite

Enfuse elite helps clients to fast track the building or enhancing of key capabilities by seeding in experts who work client side to show how it is done and to train up those around them. Elite covers a number of key Digital and IT disciplines, and helps shore up immediate skill shortages when clients are finding it slow to recruit in the right people with the right know-how.

Enfuse University

At Enfuse Group we want to help you build your expertise and know-how so that you only come to us because you want to, not because you need to. That is why we have established Enfuse University, our training service.


Enfuse University provides specialist training to help you build and sustain capability. Our courses target training areas which many organisation are less likely to have mature courses for, such as training on "What is a Great Digital Product Vision" or "How to Coach for Amazing Agile Teams".


We offer one off, ready-made training courses; 6 or 12-month training curriculums; and bespoke training designed for your needs.


Enfuse Labs is a corporate innovation lab with a difference. It provides everything you need to establish your own innovation lab and start prototyping quickly whilst de-risking your initial investment, including a creative space, digital and business experts, methodology and management.


We give your teams the freedom to create new products and businesses, away from the normal bureaucracy and barriers.  Working alongside your own people we provide digital and business experts that can help you prototype, develop, test and scale your ideas.


Drop us note, you never know where it will take us!

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